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Why Are Frozen Burritos The Best Microwavable Meals?

Frozen Burritos And Bowls Save On Time, Reduce Waste, And Are Budget Friendly.

Are you sick of packing a sandwich for lunch or underwhelmed by grocery brand frozen food? A Sous Casa frozen burrito or bowl can save on time and money. Plus, everything is made from scratch by pro chefs right here in RVA. If you are not satisfied with a mainstream frozen food brand it is time to make a switch and find out what else is out there. Let's consider 3 reasons for choosing a frozen burrito or bowl for lunch!

Frozen Meals Are Budget Friendly

A frozen burrito or bowl makes the perfect meal on a budget! Sous Casa will help you skip takeout or a restaurant visit when all you really need is some good food fast. Perfect for a quick work lunch, family meal, or last-minute dinner party, our meals are well-balanced and consistently delicious. Add free home delivery and local donations with every order, and Sous Casa makes a lot of sense to keep in the freezer.

Best On The Go Snacks

Frozen meals that go straight from the freezer to the microwave to the trash are a game changer. The process is quick and easy for those looking to maximize both convenience and taste. Do not let food prep interrupt your hustle to get out the door - Sous Casa is ready in minutes and packaged to go wherever you go. Try one of our burritos or bowls and see the difference! 

Reduces Waste

All of our packaging is biodegradable, and we avoid plastics in our supply chain whever possible. Few packaged meals on the market are served in non-plastic containers, and even those that claim to be "recyclable" will likely be single use in the end. We believe our packaging is superior in form, function, and asthetic. Its also one of the only 100% biodegradable options you'll find in the food industry. 

Sous Casa is your local frozen food delivery service. We serve Richmond City, Chesterfield and Henrico Counties, and are in select markets elsewhere. Our goal is to make delicious frozen food that helps with your weekly meal prep, saves you time and money, and does some good in the process.