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You don’t have to be a foodie to realize frozen burritos are usually no bueno. Sous Casa figured, why not make them better? So we tested some recipes and struck burrito gold. Then the pandemic hit and we saw an opportunity to perfect our recipes while also helping under resourced Richmonders.



First, we secured a kitchen space in a closed restaurant from an old friend. Then we got to work: cooking hundreds, then thousands of frozen burritos. Those who could afford to pay, did; those who couldn’t, got them anyway.

Through all this, we learned two things:

1) Very few have faith in the quality of frozen food, but most loved our burritos once they actually tried them.

2) Frozen burritos are a really good food to donate because they are nutritionally balanced, delicious, and very easy to cook.



Sous Casa is our attempt to build on these lessons, offering local frozen food delivery and donating as many burritos as possible based on our sales. Give our frozen meals a chance and put some food on someone else’s plate at the same time!