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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I heat it?

FOR BEST BURRITO HEATING RESULTS, defrost your burrito in the fridge or microwave, then fry in a pan or panini press. IF HEATING MANY, use the oven. Burritos should be removed from packaging (but leave in parchment strip) and wrapped in foil; Bowls are oven-safe, but bowl lids should be removed and can be replaced with foil. Bake for 45-60 minutes at 350 F. IF HEATING A COUPLE, use the microwave. FOR BEST MICROWAVE RESULTS, LET THE BURRITO REST FOR A COUPLE MINUTES AFTER HEATING. Burritos can be microwaved in their packaging and should take around 3 minutes. Bowls take a bit longer in the microwave and should be checked every couple minutes. Stir and poke the food when you check to heat evenly. Microwave times vary!

How do I eat it?

Our packaging is made for maximum ease and everything is freezer-safe, microwave-safe, and biodegradable. You can pull the perforated strip (start on the back right tab where the perforation starts) for a handy burrito holder and bowls just need a fork or spoon (or spork if you’re cool enough to have one of those). You may want to use a plate as a tray while heating and eating, but it rarely needs more than a rinse afterwards!   

How long will they last?

Like most frozen food, ours can last a very long time. From a health standpoint, maybe toss them if they hit a birthday. From a quality standpoint, it's best to eat the food within a couple months. Most frozen food is made to stay in the freezer for years (and has already been in the freezer for months before it hits your grocery store). Our food is made with fresh ingredients and no preservatives, spending no more than a week or two in our freezer before hitting your doorstep. Also, why would it last more than a month or two in your freezer? Have you tried the food yet? 

How and when is it delivered?

We deliver every Tuesday and Friday and cutoff for each day is 24 hours prior. We deliver anywhere in the city of Richmond, Henrico, or Chesterfield, and go a bit into surrounding counties depending on zip code. When we arrive with your order, we’ll alert you with a knock, doorbell ring, and/or a text if you provide your mobile number (highly recommended for delivery updates).

What if I’m not home when you arrive?

Not a problem, but please put a cooler on your porch, especially in the summer! We deliver the food frozen and it is best if it stays frozen, which it will do for many hours in a cooler. Just remember to use your mobile number while ordering so we can keep you updated on delivery time.

Can we provide feedback or recipe suggestions?

Sous Casa would love to hear from you and we are happy to consider any suggestions you have. We try to provide as many options as possible and have a good selection of vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free options. Let us know what you're looking for and we'll consider adding it!

What makes your food so good?

Aside from the rock star chefs in our kitchen (who are a big reason why it's so good), we use fresh ingredients and no added preservatives, flash freeze our food, and get it to your doorstep as quickly as possible. Other frozen food is made to withstand many months in the freezer before you even have a chance at it. Our inventory turns every week or two at most. So while the shelf life can be counted in months, it's more likely to be weeks.

How Spicy is Spicy?

The only recipe that we would classify as spicy is the Spicy Frollo Verde but even that depends on the jalapeños that week (each batch has a unique heat level!). All of our other recipes should be accessible but if you are especially sensitive to heat we recommend starting with the the Vegan Za'arctic, Brrreakfast Sausage, Budgerito, or Mofro Pork bowl. 

Would my kids like this?

Sure kids can be picky, but most love at least something we make. Our meals are quick, well-balanced and great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Start with the Budgerito, Frollo Verde, or Brrreakfast Sausage burritos, and Succotash makes for a great veggie side.

Who’s making the food and where?

Jim Hamilton and his team of local chefs craft our meals at Hatch Kitchen, a fully stocked and licensed commercial kitchen in Manchester. Jim is ANSI and ServSafe Manager certified and we’re permitted through the Virginia Department of Health. 

Tell me about your Gluten-Free options

We use Be Free Sweet Potato tortillas for our Gluten Free burritos (we are always open to suggestions, so let us know if you have a fave!). Most bowls are also GF, though our kitchen is not. We make every effort to ensure working space is thoroughly cleaned between each recipe. That’s the case all the time, by the way, not just when working with GF food….